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Domain-Nuggets & Domaindealer

💡Our Idea


"in hodl we trust!"
Mike (CEO)


earn Hodlthis(NFT) Token - Tokenization of Domain & NFT trading

  • you'll recieve 10x NFT Tokens for every purchase
  • you can trade NFT Token at Quickswap
  • > 100 NFT Token in your wallet you get 5% for your next buy
  • > 1000 NFT Token in your wallet you get 10% for your next buy
  • > 1500 NFT Token in your wallet you get 15% for your next buy
  • > 2000 NFT Token in your wallet you get 20% for your next buy
  • as long you own > 10% of all existing NFT Tokens, you are automatically a partner of hodlthis.nft

  • 🏠home: Hodlthis.nft - Hodl.tf ✅
    🗣️group: https://t.me/+p4oBReGc8zVlODAy ✅
    👥forum: hodlthis.mdm.li ✅
    💹Polygonscan: polygonscan.com/token/0x71119295e17d6bd351247432d41b37859b71e7ce ✅
    🏧Quickswap: info.quickswap.exchange/#/pair/0x6643fad7f84632568564c935d923840a3afa6e03 ✅
    ✅ = live | 🚧 = under construction | ❌ = in planing

    ♾️Polygon-Chain: polygonscan.com
    🦊Wallet: metamask.io
    Ξ ETH-Chain: etherscan.io
    ⛵Opensea: opensea.io

    Domain & NFT Partner







    * Every time you have bought a domain or an NFT from us or our partners via Opensea, you will be credited with Hodlthis (NFT) tokens from the respective seller. With the tokens you will receive percentages on your next purchase from us and our partners. If you hold more than 10% of the tokens, you have a participation right in the arrangement and design of Hodlthis (NFT) token and this page. There is no participation right outside the page and the tokens. Our marktplaces and from our partners, as well the here used domains and subdomain are privat and will stay independent from this.


    Michael & Matthias
    EU / US

    you own more than 100 Blockchaindomains?
    want become a partner?
    just send an email and introduce yourself
    info [at] hodl [dot] tf