NFT Domains

💡Our Idea


"your piece of the future – your peace in the future!"
Mat (CEO)

Domainservice on Polygonchain.*

🏠home: polygon.domains ✅
🗣️group: t.me/polygondomains (Polygon.domains) ✅
⛵collection: opensea.io/collection/polygondomains✅
🛒order: t.me/domaindealerBot (✍️yourdomain.web3) ✅
👥community: polygondomains.xyz 🚧
💹ICO: polygondomains.dao ❌
✅ = live | 🚧 = under construction | ❌ = in planing

♾️Blockchain: polygonscan.com
🦊ETH-Wallet: metamask.io
ΞETH-Chain: etherscan.io

We offer .rekt, .web3 and .WΞB3 Polygondomains:


🔡Text NFT:

  • only text
  • .rekt Domain *
  • no renewal fee
  • color varies
  • 25$
  • 🛒 Order now

    🖼️Image NFT:

  • logo picture
  • .web3 Domain **
  • .mdm.li
  • Polygon purple
  • 80$
  • 🛒 Order now


    📤Upload NFT:

  • your own Picture
  • just upload Image
  • .WΞB3 Domain
  • .WΞB3.eth (ENS-redirect)
  • .WΞB3/ (HNS-redirect)
  • .web3.li (DNS-redirect)
  • 120$
  • 🛒 Order now

    👩‍🎨Customized NFTs:

  • design, setup, pages, support
  • customized NFTs
  • user profil NFTs (e.g.tiktoks|twitters|insta|fb|yt)
  • commissioned art
  • 500$/h
  • Danyelo Dolce


    *.Rekt is without support, we just resell this domains. You can handle the redirection yourself. You need MATIC token for it at polygonchain. But you can trade them at opensea for ETH. Here you can find the .Rekt opensea second market. collection. ⚠️take care! there is also a "rekt-domains" collection and a handshake blockchain rekt extension! We know none of these three creators, so buy at your own risk!
    **.Web3 are actual handcrafted Polygon Domain NFTs at opensea collection. Every NFT has it’s own subdomain under “.mdm.li” for redirection and is linked at opensea. 2 Versions of the Web3 Domain NFTs: text-logo or your upload. If we change the collection or chain, every early bird can exchange their Polygon Domain NFTs to the new one. At now “yourdomain.web3” is not working in your browser, you should use “yourdomain.mdm.li”. Before you purchase anything, remember you are investing in an idea. At now you get an NFT and a centralized subdomain by buying a Web3 Polygon Domain. For changing Redirection, Picture, Name, Website or Landingpage, you have to open a ticket, send the NFT back and pay programming and design work per hour. Remember at now there is no database, it is all handcrafted.


    Matthias Meyer
    Dammstraße 16
    67059 Ludwigshafen am Rhein
    EU / Germany

    info [at] Polygon [dot] domains